Fancy Pants adventure is so addictive that you will forget about school!

Oh no! What are we to do?! Pirates have stolen the royal bathtub! Who should we call?


That’s right, our acrobatic, snazzy pant-wearing hero is and this time the situation is more dire than ever: not only has the royal tub been stolen by pirates, but Fancy Pants Man’s sister has as well! Put on your fanciest pants (though they still will not be as fancy as his) and gear up for a dangerous journey that will take you from cities to pirate ships and a number of other locations in between the two. Gameofwar Fireage is another great game which you should check.


Without a doubt, Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is the best installment yet. During his downtime, Fancy Pants Man must have done some training, because he’s now equipped with new, more advanced controls, specifically in the area of wall jumping. Now, different directions result in different jumps, affording the player greater control over Fancy Pants Man’s mobility. However, controls are not the only aspect of the game that has been updated:

• The addition of a tutorial is a minor detail that • Enemies have been beefed up and it now takes more than one hit (or stomp) to kill them. • Bonus areas, hidden passages, side games (my personal favorite is the one in the very first area, which is like a Fancy Pants version of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. In fact, if they added more tricks and flips, I’d play that as a game by itself.), and challenges give the game enormous replay value. • Underwater portions of the game are actually really well done and fun to play. This is a vast improvement over the second installment, which brought back traumatic memories of trying to navigate both the NES and N64 version of Mario through water levels. • Weaponry is now actually quite useful because of the tougher enemies. This is another upgrade from Fancy Pants Adventure 2, where the weapon system was more of a hindrance than a help. • Visuals have been updated and are crisper, brighter, and more detailed than ever. • Level designs are more intricate than either of the two previous games • Level environments are more diverse • Music has improved, and it was already pretty awesome before the third installment, so now it is fabulous. • Story animations and dialogue are fun to watch and are just as zany as the rest of the game. • New wardrobe items and accessories allow you to fully customize your Fancy Pants Man just the way you like..

Despite all of these updates, however, Fancy Pants Adventure 3 stays true to its roots and sticks to the basic formula that has given it so much success: a fast-paced 2D platformer that is accessible to the masses and serious gamers alike because it is simple to learn but takes practice to master. Its parkour-styled mobility remains both a unique gameplay element and fun to watch.


As with the second installment, Fancy Pants Adventure 3 has been criticized for its cumbersome and inefficient multiplayer mode which does not allow entry into the wardrobe (entering the wardrobe would be a handy feature to make sure that each player’s character is easily identifiable) and forces players to quit to the title scene to add and remove players. The multiplayer setup is definitely one aspect of this otherwise amazing game that needs to be improved for greater user-friendliness.

The only other negative is that this game needs to be longer, because this reviewer was legitimately sad when it ended.

Conclusion of Fancy Pants 3

Established fans of the series will undoubtedly be ecstatic over the upgrades and pleased that the basic structure has not changed. If you have played the other games in the Fancy Pant Adventure series, this is the one you need to play because it is thoroughly enjoyable and engaging. If you like drive and taxi games then you must check the Sim Taxi Game.